CircoFit Class – Photo Story

The beautiful colours of the silks.
A closer look at the silks.
The CircoFit mascot cheering us on.
CircoFit also teaches ropes classes.
“The Coffin” — our first pose.
Goofing around on the silks!
Keep your legs straight and toes pointed.
This pose is harder than it looks.
The studio was busy.
This pose is called the “Moulin Rouge”.
The inverted “Spiderman” position.
Simultaneously soaring on the silks.
The instructors demonstrated advanced poses.
Silks are a unisex discipline.
The motion of the silks.
A breathtaking performance by our instructors.
An amazing class at CircoFit.

All photos taken by Johanna Halarewich and Jordan LaRiviere at CircoFit Aerial Arts in Edmonton on January 25, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

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