Join the Circus: CircoFit

 Inspired by the thrill of the circus, CircoFit offers “classes and workshops for corde lisse, aerial silks, and straps, and is a unique training facility for Edmonton’s growing aerial circus community.” Aerial fitness has been popping up on our Instagram’s lately as an amazing upper body and core workout mixed with ample photo opportunities – we had to try it out!

The Class:

CircoFit offers a Beginner Silks Teaser Workshop every Friday night from 7 – 8pm for $21 (a reasonable price for most drop-in fitness classes).

The studio is small, but due to the vertical nature of the sport, the high roofs more than make up for the lack of ground-space.  

The class started with a quick warm-up, then it was on to the silks!

Because we were all beginners, we worked with the silks tied at the bottom (thank goodness!) Our instructor then demonstrated different poses and positions for us to try. The poses were challenging, but so much fun.

After the class we were treated to a performance by our instructors – we were blown away by their skills.

Our Verdict:

Amazing! Would recommend this class to all our friends! Our CircoFit class pushed us to our limits – and we ended up surprising ourselves on how much we can do! While it didn’t leave us feeling too exhausted or sore, it was a fun, challenging, and unique workout that is definitely worth the hype! Stay tuned this week for our photo series on our CircoFit class (trust us, you won’t be disappointed!)

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