Up, up and away! Bounce Fitness Class.

Street Reporting at Studio B Fitness

Up, up and away! Studio B Fitness is a trendy barre and rebounder fitness studio located in downtown Edmonton. After hearing about rebounder (or trampoline) fitness through social media, the Trend Trackers knew that they had to investigate further. Studio B offers SOAR Bounce Fitness classes — “an elastically leveraged low-impact, yet high energy workout that is performed on a rebounder.” The trampoline leverages gravity and resistance to create a full-body cardiovascular, strength, endurance, and balance workout.

Studio B’s Holland Plaza location.

According to the studio’s website, “with each bounce you go from 2 to 4 times normal gravitation to zero gravity and back again, engaging your body on every level.” The trademarked bellicon bungees are created with a unique design to provide deeper bounces to engage muscles longer. The bungees provide a smoother bounce compared to typical spring trampolines, which are harsher and put more impact on the joints.

The company also touts NASA research as one of the benefits of the workout: “While searching for the perfect exercise to help astronauts returning from long space voyages, NASA scientists found that exercising on a trampoline was better than anything else on earth.” Studio B claims that, just like an astronaut, this class will give you “the best workout on (or off) the planet!”

The Bellicon bungee trampolines.

Convinced by our peers on social media and the compelling online evidence, we signed up for the Sunday morning SOAR Bounce Fitness class through the company’s easy online software. A single class pass was $22, with other packages such as 10 class passes or unlimited classes being offered at discounted rates.

Upon walking into the studio, the opening is bright and airy, displaying large open windows and an offering of fitness products such as clothing, grip socks, and water bottles. We are greeted by the receptionist, who offers to take us on a tour around the studio. The studio itself is surrounded by mirrors; the floor is covered in individual trampolines, one for every client. We slip on our grip socks (no runners here) and greet the instructor, Nykala, ready to begin this 50-minute SOAR Bounce class.

Grip socks are necessary for the class.

The class is a blend of short, high intensity exercises paired with slower rest periods to allow the heart rate to catch up. Nykala leads the class through a variety of exercises on the trampoline, as well as strength exercises that focus on arm, leg, and abdominal muscles. The workout is highly cardio-based, which really works up a sweat!

Get ready for lift-off: the Bounce Studio.

At the end of the class, we chatted further with Nykala, who gave us insight into this popular new workout trend.

“This is a cardio-heavy class,” says Nykala. “ We start with a warm-up at the beginning. Then we go through 3 to 4 SOAR tracks, which are medium intensity, aerobic style workouts. Then we do the SPRINT tracks, which is the high intensity interval training cardio. We do 30 seconds of really high intensity and then we take a cruise to let the heart rate come back down. We do three SPRINTS and then we have 3 BURN tracks: arms, abdominals, and legs. So it is a cardio heavy class, but with strength training incorporated.”

When asked what her favourite part of Bounce fitness is, Nykala highlighted that she loves the sprints, or higher-intensity exercises, because she feels like she gets “the most bang for her buck”. She enjoys coming into the studio and teaching– “the whole thing is fun!” Nykala also used to dance and struggled with finding an exercise that was similar to it… until Bounce fitness came around. The thought of working out on a trampoline sounds much less intimidating (and much more fun) than doing  bicep curls at the gym or running on the hamster wheel.

Feeling energized after class!

So, should you take this class? We vote yes! Instructor, or “Soar Flight Crew Member”, Nykala stresses that “literally anyone and everyone can do it”. Studio B Fitness has clientele ranging from the ages of 18 – 60.

“The mats absorb all the shock and are good for your joints, if you have bad knees or hips. It’s your workout — it’s customizable!”

Some other benefits of trampoline fitness include (as mentioned on the Soar Bounce Fitness website):

  • Uses every single muscle in the body with every single bounce
  • Strengthens the core
  • Lymphatic flush
  • Build and maintain bone density
  • Improves cardiovascular ability
  • Low-impact on the joints.

Bounce fitness isn’t just a trend– we think it has the stamina to last and gain popularity in more studios and classes across North America. Thanks to Studio B Fitness and Nykala for making our first ever Bounce a great experience.

Check out Studio B’s website here: www.soarbouncefitness.com

We had a great time SOAR-ing at Bounce Fitness. 

All photos taken by Johanna Halarewich and Jordan Lariviere.

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