Celery Juice: Do it or Ditch it?

The Trend Trackers got together this week and tried a much-discussed trend: celery juice. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and the Kardashian sisters are well-known advocates for this health trend. We pulled out the Vitamix and headed to Planet Organic here in the city to pick up some organic celery.

Fresh organic celery from Planet Organic.

The Benefits:

Why juice your celery—why not just eat it? When you juice celery, you can consume a lot more, which (allegedly) means more health benefits. Celery juice is most praised for its ability to strengthen food digestion when consumed first thing in the morning. Celery juice also supports liver function and removes toxins from the body. (Check out goop.com to read even more benefits).

The Recipe:

A bunch of celery. Literally, that’s all. Juice it (or Vitamix it, in which case you may need to add some water) and drink away!

Chopping up our celery!

Our Verdict:

Ditch it! It tastes exactly how you’d expect. We would consider trying this again with more ingredients—we’ve seen different recipes that include lemon, ginger, cayenne, spinach, and more. Unless you really love celery, you may want to ditch it. The Trend Trackers will leave this trend to the celebrities.

The finished product.

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