Hi! We’re Johanna and Jordan and we are university students currently studying Communications in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re looking at how to use different forms of multimedia to create a unique narrative for our Multimedia Authoring class. This includes blogging, posting on social media, taking photographs, conducting interviews, and recording videos. Our topic? Researching wellness trends in 2019, particularly in the context of our own city of Edmonton.

How are we going to do this? How are we going to be the self-proclaimed “Trend Trackers”? Well, we’re documenting our experiences trying health and wellness products or activities that are trending in 2019 and ultimately we are going to be the “myth busters” of the wellness industry. We are trying to answer the question: Should you bother trying these trends, or are they just a waste of time?

We started by researching the top trending wellness trends for 2019. We want to know what people are talking about. What detoxes, fitness classes, or new foods are people trying? We picked our top five trends that we’ve never tried before and we plan to test them out for ourselves.

A large issue in the wellness industry is that people can be easily influenced by fitness bloggers who get paid millions to sponsor a product that doesn’t really work. Recently, Kourtney Kardashian sponsored a “flat tummy shake” on her Instagram. She is a pop culture figure that millions of young girls follow and are influenced by. We try to break myths like this one—do these fads really work?! We particularly look through the context of Canada and Alberta and what is currently trending in our community.

We hope our experiences and this topic both inspire you and make you think more about this multi-billion dollar industry. We want challenge some of the sometimes harmful effects of the health and wellness industry that are disguising themselves as “healthy” or “good for you”. These challenges can include self-esteem issues (particularly in young girls), unhealthy detoxes that may lead to eating disorders, or other physical, emotional, or mental effects on a person’s wellbeing due to these trends. But of course it’s not all negative– we plan to also find some positives within these trends, such as getting out and being active, or just being plainly more aware of what we put in our bodies. Either way, we’re here to provide our own perspectives and experiences, and we absolutely appreciate your own individual perspectives and experiences too!

We are excited to share our findings with you. Get ready to follow along with the Trend Trackers! Visit us on Twitter for regular updates: @trendtrackers_

J & J