Welcome to our blog! We’re Johanna and Jordan, two university students currently studying Communications in Edmonton, Alberta. We are passionate about health and wellness and wanted to use this as an opportunity to research (and try out!) different trends that we’ve been hearing about through news, the internet, and, of course, social media.

We’ll be documenting our experiences trying out five new health and wellness trends for 2019. Basically, we try the trends so you don’t have to!

Get ready to follow along with the Trend Trackers!

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Up, up and away! Bounce Fitness Class.

Street Reporting at Studio B Fitness Up, up and away! Studio B Fitness is a trendy barre and rebounder fitness studio located in downtown Edmonton. After hearing about rebounder (or trampoline) fitness through social media, the Trend Trackers knew that they had to investigate further. Studio B offers SOAR Bounce Fitness classes — “an elastically … Continue reading Up, up and away! Bounce Fitness Class.

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